Our company GEO PROSPECT, was established in 1999. As a primary activity we can mention the investigation and development in Physical and Natural Sciences.

The reason for establishing the company was the deficit in our society in this domain. The Institutes for Scientific Research were liquidated.

Our speciality staff resulted from the liquidation of Research Laboratory in Ecology and Radiation Hygiene so as the Uranium National Company.

The main activity of the company consists in the elaboration of some studies with scientific character and of the documentation in the domain of different branches of geology (hydrogeology, tectonic geochemistry, evaluation of mineral resources) and geophysics (radiation monitoring methods, and geoelectrical methods in DC electric power and geophysical sampling, logging in probes, derricks.

Besides, GPS company executes former geological studies for the placing of hazardous waste deposit centres at a low or medium level in fissured, cracked rocks.

These activities are completed by an own laboratory of physical-chemical analyses (classical chemical methods, spectography, 4 canals spectometry, atomic absorption, spectrophotometres, flamphotometry, petrography).

On the base of our activities we managed to create our own database in geology-geophysics.

During the years we signed scientific research contracts with domestic and foreign partners. Below are only some of them:

  • Uranium National Company Ld. -  Bucharest
  • MINVEST  Ld. – Deva
  • CEPROMIN Ld.  – Deva
  • The National Institute of Nuclear Physics „Horia Hulubei” Bucharest
  • PETROM Ld.
  • The National Research and Development Institute of Rare and Radioactive Metals -  INCDMRR  Bucharest
  • QUINTESSA L.T.D. – London U.K.
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